Lutsenko in Uzhgorod said that he was not against gambling business

One of the issues that was touched upon at the briefing by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, which was held today in Uzhgorod in the premises of the Transcarpathian Prosecutor’s Office, was the establishments providing illegal gambling services.

Especially since yesterday Yuriy Lutsenko made a demonstrative raid in Tyachiv district, where he accused the head of the local prosecutor’s office and other law-enforcers of covering this illegal business.

However, in Uzhgorod, the Prosecutor General said: "I am not against gambling business in general. But only in a legitimate way. That is, either you have a license or problems." He not only promised problems to the owners of illegal gambling rooms, but also said that he knew about covering of such establishments by police, prosecutor’s offices and even the Security Service of Ukraine officers.

He also stressed that any activity, including gambling business, must be legal and subject to taxation, "otherwise the road to Tyachiv is never going to be built."

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