‘Low’ and ‘available’ Uzhgorod chemists did not change their signboards

For more than a week ago chemist of ‘low’, ‘available’ or ‘the best’ prices were supposed to disappear. The new Licensing Requirements standards of economic activity of the medical funds, wholesale and medicines’ retail, according to which chemists’ signboards should not have any advertising and loud epithets, began to operate in Ukraine since July 1, 2012 in Ukraine.

In particular, the licensing conditions clearly indicate: ‘On the facade of the building, where chemist is located, according to its purpose should be given a sign with indication exclusively the type of institution, namely: ‘Pharmaceutical warehouse (base)’, ‘Chemist’, ‘Pharmaceutical item’, ‘Pharmaceutical stand’. Information about the entity’s hours of work should be located in a visible place near the entrance to the chemist. Information about the location of the next (24 hours) and the nearest pharmacy must be available for the chemists and their structural subdivisions. At the request the licensee may install the signal indicator which is not advertising’.

However, as we can see the whole week passed and the chemists are not going to change its signboards. 


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