Local authorities, MOE and TP Departments ask Uzhgorod citizens not to park their cars nearby the hydrants

Uzhgorod local authorities, MOE (Ministry for Emergencies) and TP (Traffic Police) ask Uzhgorod citizens and its guests not to park their cars on the manholes under which the fire hydrants are located.

In general, there are nearly 400 fire hydrants in the town, – informs MOE department, emphasizing that there are more problems in the central part of the city where the parked cars prevent rescuers from using the fire hydrants. The rescuers will not have access to them in the case of fire. ‘There is no legislation which would have banned setting vehicles on the fire hydrants. We are trying to paint the fire hydrants in red paint, draw red stripes on the curb, which means that there is the hydrant installed and drivers could see these places and not to park, but these markings do not mean that the parking is prohibited.’

Currently the parking issue and the vehicle’s driver responsibility is not regulated by legislation, although it is clearly indicated the following in “Rules of Fire Safety of Ukraine” registered in the Ministry of Justice on 04.11.12, number 1410/101009: roads, driveways and walkways to buildings, structures, fire waster sources, approaches to the outer fixed fire ladders, fire equipment, firefighting equipments and facilities should be always free, kept operable and cleaned from the snow in winter. It is prohibited to randomly reduce the normalized width of roads and passages.

Therefore, taking into account the mentioned above, we apply to all the residents and guests of Uzhgorod with a request to pay attention to labels that are on the walls and on the curbs when parking vehicles in the central part of the city or some other areas. And to keep in mind: you cannot park nearby the hydrants and on the manholes under which they are located on the latch. We must realize access to the fire hydrants in any time. 


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