Little carolers congratulated Transcarpathian deputies on the New Year and Christmas

Today, the collective of the children’s exemplary studio "Namysto" of Uzhgorod district house of culture visited the session hall of the Transcarpathian Regional Council to sing the deputies carols and show Christmas scenes.

At that time, the joint meeting of the standing committees of the Regional Council was about to begin. The deputies were impressed with the well prepared program of the children’s collective and after the performance generously rewarded them.

According to the managers of the children’s studio Tetyana and Serhiy Rakhovski, the kids did not expect such a warm welcome and the attention of deputies who loudly applauded the kids. Also, it was nice to see that the majority of deputies also joined caroling, thus proving that they know our traditional Christmas carols and support culture.

– On behalf of all the deputies, I sincerely thank the collective that showed us a master class in floral design on the eve of New Year and Christmas. It’s great that we have such talented kids who can sing carols so sincerely. Each nation must respect their customs, traditions and pass them from one generation to another. Only then, the people will have a future, – the Chairman of the Regional Council Mykhailo Rivis said.

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