“Listen with Your Heart”: Mukachevo boarding school participates in a project for visually impaired children

In November, with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the Ranok publishing house, the “Listen with Your Heart” project was launched to help visually impaired children communicate with Ukrainian children’s writers and their works.

The project will last three months and involves the making of 11 audiobooks that will promote the socialization of children based on the works of modern writers. All works will be in modern Ukrainian literary language. Paper versions of these books will be published by the Ranok Publishing House.

These books will be intended for children of preschool, primary and secondary school age. Qualified specialists will be involved in voicing of audiobooks: famous actors, radio and TV presenters, musicians. Audiobooks will be in free access: on the website of the Ranok publishing house and in the online library for visually impaired people “Lantern”.

In addition, audio libraries “Voices of Books” will be formed for pupils of 12 boarding schools for blind and partially sighted children from different cities of Ukraine, which will consist of audio books created within the project. Audio libraries recorded on electronic media (CDrom), together with readers purchased at the expense of the project budget, will be sent to boarding schools involved in the project.

A total of 2,000 children will receive gifts.

A number of boarding schools take part in the project, in particular, the Mukachevo special boarding school of the Transcarpathian Regional Council.

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