Library will be shown

This Sunday we will show you the library. But not the place where we were forced to go as a child to obtain books for school program, and weavoided these excurtions by all means. A modern library – with a computer center, Wi-fi, film club, English Speaking Club with native speakers. And it’s free!   Here you can come to the master class, music concert or a book launch of favorite poet or writer, or present their talents themselves. And the most important is that you arealways welcomed! And all this is in the Transcarpathian Regional Library. To be honest, we’d live there 24 hours a day, it is so good there.

So this Sunday, we shall meet at the Theater square and will head to the regional library. Of course, we will show the book store and basements, tell how libraries are modernized. The tour will be held by the director of the institution. See you at 14.00.

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