“Library Haradychi” – a new project to promote reading is launched Uzhgorod

On Wednesday, April 13, at 18.00, the pilot event of the new project "Library Haradychi" will start in the Transcarpathian Regional Universal Scientific Library (Svoboda Ave., 16)

         "Haradychi" is a Transcarpathian word for stairs. The idea of ​​this project, which was conceived by librarians of the service department, is to show the community how you can reach the heights of knowledge and achieve success through symbolic book stairs. In Uzhgorod, there are several similar clubs where writers communicate with their readers.

     The concept of the "Library Haradychi" is somewhat different.  Therefore, at the meetings, that will take place in the library, they will invite not writers but famous people of the city and region who will share their thoughts about their favorite books and authors that might have influenced their lives and helped to achieve certain gains.

       The first exclusive guest of the "Library Haradychi" will be the frontman of the popular Transcarpathian band "Trystavisim" – Pavlo Genov. And after talking with Pavlo, the group "Trystavisim", whose members have long supported the library, will play an acoustic set and will present songs from the new album.

   So, we invite everyone to plunge into an unforgettable atmosphere of interesting communication and rock music!

Admission is free!

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