Let us unite, or why can’t youth leaders find a common goal

The issues of cooperation and integration of the youth were raised by the leaders of public youth organizations at the "round table" held on the Youth Day in Uzhgorod. More than a dozen active young people, who have healthy ambitions and strive to achieve success, met the Head of Department of Culture, Sport, Family and Youth of Uzhgorod city council Evgeny Bobrov. The main problem bothering young people is the establishment of cooperation with local authorities.

"Youth organizations should not expect something from the government – they should demand it" – said the deputy of Uzhgorod city council Rostislav Bulanov.

"Young people have a lot of nuances. There is no need to blame the government in everything. Young people also do not know how to organize themselves ", – said the youth leader Roman Sarkevich.
"We are ready and open to cooperate – bring your projects and we will consider them", – said Head of the Department of Culture, Sport, Youth and Family of Uzhgorod city council Evgeny Bobrov.
After a long and hot discussion, youth leaders highlighted several points that will be discussed at the meeting of the Youth Council, acting in Uzhgorod city executive committee.

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