Ledyda wants to build for Solotvyno residents not only a new settlement, but also a new allergy hospital

At today’s press conference, responding to journalists’ questions about the settlement of Tereblya where the people from the dangerous Solotvyno are to be relocated to, the Governor Oleksandr Ledyda said that anyone who had seen the village and its infrastructure would have never refused to move there.

Now the talk is about the money needed to complete the construction and equipping of the village – earlier the "governor" said that they were talking about approximately 15 million

"I think this year it will be completed. But we will go further. We must not only resettle these 136 families (approximately). Another thing is to provide jobs for them. We are considering, and this issue was raised to the President … And he gave orders to build a public allergic hospital. They have allocated half million to determine the amount of salt deposits, their depth. And if there is a hospital similar to that, which was popular in Solotvyno, we can say that people will be provided with jobs that will be associated with the construction, operation and so on … " – Ledyda said.

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