Ledyda took up smuggling

The meeting in RSA was attended by the heads of law enforcement and regulatory authorities, units of the State Border Guard and Customs Service of Ukraine. 
First the members heard reports of heads of Chop and Mukachevo border guard detachments on the state of anti-smuggling activity on the border with the Transcarpathian region. In particular, Arkadiy Koshonko, Head of the Chop border guard detachment, reported that in 2012 smuggled goods worth over 14 million UAH have been detained at checkpoints. 
As for Mukachevo Border Guard Detachment, during 2012 in the area outside the checkpoints contraband goods worth over 800 thousand UAH have been arrested, and directly at the checkpoints 128 cases of illegal transportation of goods totaling nearly 6 million UAH have been identified – said Head of the detachment Yuriy Filipchuk.
The main goods crossing the state border of Ukraine in violation of customs regulations are industrial products, household appliances, auto parts, clothing, shoes, food, alcohol and soft drinks, mobile phones. Tobacco remains one of the main smuggled goods.
Oleksandr Ledyda believes that for combating illegal goods transportation across the border it is necessary to consolidate the efforts of all law enforcement and regulatory authorities. Border guards and customs officers need to seek cooperation with foreign counterparts.
Source: Press center of the RSA

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