Ledyda together with Vashchuk gathered rectors of Transcarpathian higher educational establishments

The head region Alexandr Ledyda participated in the event on Friday, June 15. The heads of the major higher education institutions of III-IV accreditation level gathered to discuss the ways of actual issues solutions. In particular, Chairman of the Board, rector of Transcarpathian State Administration Fedir Vashchuk, interim rector of Uzhgorod National University Vitalii Nikolaichuk, rector of Transcarpathian Art Institute Ivan Nebesnyk and many others. The chief educator of region Mykhail Motylchiak also took part in the meeting.

According to Fedir Vashchuk, the Rectors’ Council gathered together in order to summarize the previous year, to share their experience in preparation for the entrance campaign 2012 and discuss problems together.

– The problems are similar in the majority of universities. This is a social protection of students, the hostels conditions and the lack of personnel. We cannot cope alone with the majority of universities’ issues. That is why we are going to ask the regional leaders and education administration for help.

Another sore point issue for almost every university is decent living conditions ensuring of students. The hostels’ condition is unfortunately unfavorable. Almost all the premises require a repair. The living conditions improvement of students especially relevant due to the Transcarpathian’s location and the popularity of our universities among international students, pointed out the rector interim of Uzhgorod National University Vitalii Nikolaichuk.

The head of Regional Department of Education and Science Mykhailo Matylchak discussed with rectors the specifics of the rural youth’s admission to study at universities on the target assignments. The issue of licensed number of places was also discussed.

– It is necessary to raise the level of knowledge at universities – head of the region Alexandr Ledyda appealed to educators and scientists. – You do not have to remain aloof from the work on proposals for the future law on higher education, because it has to be adapted in accordance with the Transcarpathian specifics. I assure you that the regional government will help high school wherever possible.

Alexandr Ledyda also suggested prepare a list of specific problems and ways of their solutions in order to improve its situation at the local and the ministry levels – informs the RSA press center.   


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