Ledyda saw what it is like in the prison

On Wednesday, January 30, the head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Oleksandr Ledyda inspected the conditions of minors and women stay in regional penal institution number 9.

Today, more than 430 people are held in the Uzhgorod remand prison, including 8 juveniles and 22 women.

The head of the regional examined the health center and inquired about the medicines supply. Doctors assured: there is no short of medicines, there is even a modern dental office here, which weekly admits about 30 patients.

The head of catering Lyudmila Ryhan showed a menu of the local canteen: today they have barley soup, barley porridge, salad.  

Oleksandr Ledyda talked with teenagers who are kept in prison. Today there are eight of them – boys aged 14 to 18 years. Here they are trained by teachers in the classroom, there is also a gym. The teachers try to not only teach their wards, but also to rehabilitate them.

16-year-old Serhiy from Uzhgorod is waiting for the verdict – for stealing a wallet. The guy talked about his plans for the future:

– I hope this experience will be the last for me in life – I’m not going to break the law anymore. When I am out, I will find a job and continue studying.

Women were also satisfied with the conditions of stay. They told the head of the region that they had no complaints – the attitude of the staff, nutrition, and living conditions are fine. 

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