Ledyda plans to protect children on 10 million hryvnia

The regional plan of measures on implementation in 2012, the national program ‘National Action Plan on Implementation of UN Convention on the Rights of the Child’ was approved in Transcarpathia until 2016.

The relevant plan is recommended to be adopted by district administrations’ leaders and city mayors. The program will be financed by the state and local budgets and rely on charitable support. In general only this year it is planned to allocate nearly 10 million hryvnia on the program. Most of all at the summer recreation of children: 6 million 700 thousand hryvnia. Two million they want to spend on purchase medical supplies and equipments in the children’s hospitals . Nearly a million officials will spend on support of the Transcarpathian regional center of social and psychological rehabilitation of children and young people with functional disabilities. The most original paper expenditure is ‘Promote Preventive and Prophylactic Measures ‘New Year and Christmas holidays’. Such a prophylaxis of this year will cost 30 000 hryvnia. To ensure preparation of social service centers specialists that actually deal with the protection children’s rights will spend only 5000.

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