Ledyda plans to facilitate the resettlement, housing, education and employment of refugees

You have no place to live? Can not find a job for yourselves or your children that have graduated? They say there is no money for schools and medicine? Your problem is that you are Transcarpathians, so you have to take care of yourselves. Meanwhile the head of the region Oleksandr Ledyda by his decree number 92 dated March 25 approved "The regional plan for the integration of refugees and persons in need of additional protection in Ukrainian society."

The plan is designed until 2020, but most of its provisions enter into force in 2014. The executors are district state administrations, municipal executive committees, units of RSA and regional institutions and organizations.

The first paragraph of the plan is more than specific: "To ensure the development of a network of reception centers in the areas of the greatest concentration of refugees." In practice this implies, as stated in the document, not only the study of the feasibility of the existing temporary refugee camp extension, but also "the creation of minimal (3-4 room hotel-type dormitory) reserve housing (social housing) in Uzhgorod for short-term accommodation of persons who have submitted applications for recognition as a refugee or a person who needs additional protection and are in difficult circumstances," and the creation of temporary accommodation center for up to 25 people in Uzhgorod (!), the formation of crisis centers to provide temporary housing for them.

Paragraph 6 is equally clear: "To create … temporary accommodation centers for refugee children and children who are recognized as persons who need additional protection, and children separated from their families, who have applied for recognition as a refugee or a person who needs additional protection". 

The fourth paragraph: "To promote the voluntary resettlement and employment of refugees and persons in need of additional protection in rural areas." In practice, this means "to study the issue of employment of refugees and persons in need of additional protection, their voluntary resettlement in rural areas, to create the corresponding database on the availability of free housing, including that in remote areas for possible resettlement of refugees" and "to study the issue of the introduction of temporary subsidized assistance forms." According to the head of RSA, it requires no funding.

Another, the fifth paragraph of the plan: "To consider the issue of housing for refugees and persons in need of additional protection in depressed regions." As you know, depressed regions are the mountainous areas. So, instead of providung communication, attracting investors there, promoting the natural conditions for recreation, the current government of the Party of Regions want to arrange reservations there for people from third world countries. Businessmen that have already bought the land and want to create resorts must be especially happy and grateful.

As you know, young families now hardly can take advantage of programs for preferential housing, despite the allegedly available youth loan programs, including "Affordable Housing". But paragraph 7 of Ledyda’s plan obliges specific officials "to conduct special meeting on the creation of the regional program "Affordable Housing" for refugees and persons in need of additional protection and other vulnerable persons."

In total, there are 10 paragrahs in the plan. The second one, for example, provides for "adaptive courses in Ukrainian language, history, culture, political system of Ukraine, laws on labor, education, health, social welfare" in Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Perechyn. They are planned to start in July this year.  

Particular attention is paid to refugee children and those who have applied for refugee status. Under the plan, it is necessary to analyze how the law protects them, to conduct sociological research, to develop scientific advice, to examine the level of pre-school training and provide all facilities for training, education and adaptation in Ukrainian society. They plan to engage students and graduates of Transcarpathian universities to this work.

 In passing, we would like to note that our children with outdoor toilets, without computers, often even textbooks, and now also with the ministry’s initiative to teach drawing, music, etc. outside educational institutions only at the expense of parents, are provided with "all facilities for training and education" .

Yes, migrants, who have the status of illegal immigrants, are also human beings and they flee from their countries not from a good life.

Yes, there are international laws, the obligations of Ukraine, there are, after all, some money from international and charity funds that are provided for activities related to illegal immigrants, refugees. But does the government take into account the opinion and interests of Transcarpathians who with their repeated protests forced the temporary detention center for illegal migrants "Pavshyno" in the region to be closed and have repeatedly blocked the efforts to build new ones?

Also,February 26 (one month before the decree of the head of RSA) the head of the Main Office of the State Migration Service of Ukraine in the region Igor Mykhailyshyn told reporters that currently there is no need to open centers for illegal immigrants in our region, because the center in Lutsk is consistent with all standards, moreover, it almost always has vacancies.

Obviously, someone wants to keep illegal immigrants close to the border and provoke more and more attempts to cross it, because it brings a lot of money.

Staryj Zamok

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