Ledyda is prepared to flood and even knows which districts of Transcarpathia may be flooded

The regional government keep the flood situation under control. On Thursday, March 14, the chief of the State Emergencies Service in the region Miroslav Shcherbey reported to Oleksandr Ledyda about the water level in rivers and possible threats.

Floods do not threaten Transcarpathians. According to the chief of the State Emergencies Service of Ukraine in the region, due to rainfall, the water level in the upper reaches of the Teresva, Rika and Borzhava rivers has been gradually raising by 10-50 cm. And on the Tisa and Latorytsya near Chop, the maximum water levels build-up is about to finish.  Rescuers monitor the situation daily, so that in case of exacerbation to respond timely:

– We have the agreed plan, and in the event of an emergency, our service is ready to engage 420 persons, if necessary, also military and police officers – Miroslav Shcherbey assured.

According to water service and MOE experts, some localities in Rakhiv, Tyachiv, Khust ani Uzhgorod districts may be flooded. The head of the region, Oleksandr Ledyda stressed out that none of Transcarpathians must be affected by the disaster:

The head of the region instructed Miroslav Shcherbey to regularly update him on the flood situation.

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