Ledida with subordinates will cost Transcarpathians 37 million hryvnia

According to the order of Transcarpathian Governor 37 million 193 000 hryvnia will be allocated for the salary and allowance of the regional state administration employees this year. That is four million more than it was planned at the beginning of the year. Of course, we are not talking about the increase in the salaries of ordinary civil servants. Almost a third of this money – 10,315,000 will be spent on the salary and allowance of senior state administration and the city hall apparatus. The largest share of the salary pie, 2.77 million, will be given to the main Department of Labour and Social Welfare, the smallest one – to the Department of National Affairs – almost half a million. The department dealing with childcare is also among the low-paid ones. Its employees will receive just 237 000 hryvnia for salaries.
Some money has been added to the district administrations. If in February it was expected to allocate 80.5 million for salaries and allowance of local officials, in July this figure has been increased by 17 million! Perechyn officials will get less – 5.5 million, Tyachiv ones are getting most of all – 11.3.

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