Leading dermatologists will introduce the world methods for treating blackhead disease in Transcarpathia

The scientific and practical conference briefing on ‘the transformation of views on the blackhead disease in light of recent international and national recommendations’, which holds the Ukrainian Academy of Dermatovenereology will be held on the premises of the regional puppet theatre on Thursday, April 26 at 10.20 a.m.

The leading industry experts, including professor Alexanrd Litus, the chief dermatovenereologist Health Ministry of Ukraine and professor Yuriy Andrashko, the chief Transcarpathia dermatovenereologist, the head of medical faculty of skin and venereal diseases department of UzhNU, the head of problematic commission MOZ of Ukraine and Academy of Science, vice-president of the Ukrainian Academy of Dermatovenereology will meet with journalists.

Besides dermatologists the participation in the conference also will take gynecologist and psychotherapist since experts insist on a reasonable attitude to the disease treatment (in contrast to the dominance of various products advertisement) and emphasize on the need of taking into account the psycho-emotional component of the problem. Because it affects usually teenagers, who are inherent in repressive inclinations and anxiety in the social adaptation process. The European approaches and the latest world methods for treating skin diseases.

The conference internet broadcasting will take place on the Ukrainian Academy of Dermatovenereology website, so that the experts across the country will be able to join the conference in interactive mode.

Briefing will be held in Uzhgorod, Theatre Square, 8

Regional Puppet Theater

The beginning is at 10.20 a.m.

The mass media representatives are invited.  


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