Leaders of Transcarpathia met with diplomats from neighboring countries (PHOTOS)

Yesterday, January 29, there was a meeting of the deputy chairman of the regional council Andriy Serbaylo and the General Consul of the Slovak Republic in Uzhgorod Janka Burianova on the request of the latter.

The deputy chairman of the regional council briefed the diplomat on the socio-political situation in Ukraine and in Transcarpathia in particular, about the decisions adopted at the extraordinary session of the regional council. He noted that, thanks to the adopted decisions and the wisdom and tolerance of Transcarpathians, the situation in Transcarpathia is calm. All authorities are operating normally.


Janka Burianova said that in neighboring Slovakia, they are closely watching the developments in our country and want the social and political crisis to be resolved as soon as possible. She expressed satisfaction that in Transcarpathian region, the events are taking place peacefully, and assured that the Ukrainian people would continue to receive support from the European community in their desire to live in a civilized democracy.


And today, January 30, the head of the Transcarpathian Regional Administration also met with Janka Burianova and the Consul General of Poland in Lviv Jaroslaw Drozd.

During the meeting, they discussed the socio-political situation in the country and the region. The diplomats once again stressed that the European community is concerned about the situation in Ukraine and calls for the prevention of escalation.


 The Consul General of Poland in Lviv Jaroslaw Drozd said that he was watching the developments anxiously:

   – Since our office is located in Lviv, I am well aware of the situation in that city, every day I see the mood of people, watch the news in the media. I am concerned about radicalization of the conflict, more frequent calls for violence – it is unacceptable.

   The Consul General also reminded that the prime ministers of the Visegrad countries – the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia – were in favor of a democratic and peaceful resolution of the situation in Ukraine, as a further development of the state is possible only with stabilization of the situation. Representatives of the "Visegrad Four" also voiced the need for the introduction of a visa-free regime with Ukraine, and expressed willingness to finance projects of civil society development in Ukraine.


– Indeed, the situation in the region is not the same as in most western regions of the country. We also have rallies and peaceful assemblies – people actively express their citizenship. Moreover, the opposition tent camp, surrounded by barricades, is located just opposite the entrance to the building of the regional administration. I reiterate: there is no pressure on protesters in the region. We are willing to compromise and support the peaceful resolution of any conflicts – Oleksandr Ledyda summed up (the press center of the RSA informed). 

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