Lawyer of “Goverla” former players intends to have the managers of the club imprisoned

The has informed our readers in detail about the problems in "Goverla" from the words of its former players and opinions of known players, including Jozsef Szabo, on it. Recently, the voiced the opinion of the lawyer of "Goverla" former players (Dmytro Trukhin and Serhiy Kuznetsov) Dmytro Korobko about the situation with Uzhgorod club’s debts.

"In such cases, the FFU is satisfied with a club showing "positive dynamics", – Korobko says. – If they start paying some pennies, it’s enough for our federation. According to the rules of the FIFA, "Goverla" should have been excluded from professional football long ago. They promise, promise – and do nothing, repay no debts.  


I do not see the logic in the actions of Shufrich. If he has brought the team to this point, accumulated so much debts and still has not closed the club, then he probably has a goal that we just do not understand. Shufrich said that he had reached agreement with someone, but definitely not with my clients. Perhaps he has some problems and he hears voices, because he definitely has not spoken to me. If you look at this behavior of, so to speak, the nominal owner of the team, it is like a behavior of a spoiled child. A child who does not know what else to do with a broken toy. If problems begin, he hides in the corner and waits for what happens next. Businessmen do not behave like that. Therefore, I can not predict his actions – sometimes they just cannot be analyzed.

If the FFU allows "Goverla" to participate in the championship of Ukraine again, I will do my best to have this club disappear. And to have the people responsible for this state of "Goverla" imprisoned – there are legal instruments for this. No one pays attention to the fact that these debts are a sign of a criminal offense. Late payment or non-payment of wages is criminal offense which must be punished.  Also, we’ll wait when the court decisions on Kuznetsov and Trukhin take effect. Failure to comply with decisions of courts of general jurisdiction is another crime," – Dmytro Korobko said. 

Pictured Oleksandr Shufrich and Vyacheslav Grozny

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