Last year more than 20 thousand Transcarpathians found jobs with the help of employment centers

This was announced on Wednesday, January 16, during a briefing by the Director of the Transcarpathian Regional Employment Center, Yuri Fushchych. 
According to Yuri Fushchych, in January-October 2012 the number of employed Transcarpathians was over 537,000 people (compared to the same period in 2011, it increased by more than 10 thousand). The level of employment rose to 58%. The unemployment rate among the economically active population of the region was 7.9%.In 2012, 36,000 Transcarpathians looking for work appealed to the Employment Service. Last year, 20,000 Transcarpathian found jobs. The target of employment programs on new jobs creation was fulfilled by 120%. The main companies in the region are "Fisher", "Eurocar" and "Jabil". The labor market is dominated by the demand for employees of working professions: seamstresses, drivers, circuit harness makers, forestry workers, sellers, bartenders, cooks, waiters, etc. – We pay special attention to those who can not compete in the labor market. In particular, we managed to employ 23 orphans, 199 people with disabilities (15 more than last year). We will continue to work in this direction. The new law "On Employment", will facilitate our work in this field – Yuri Fushchych said.On January 1, 2013 the new Law of Ukraine "On Employment" came into force, which contains some innovations for both employers and employees and the unemployed. According to the director of the regional employment center, this mainly concerns compensation of single contribution to the compulsory state social insurance to employers. Also as of January 1, unemployment benefits have been increased. Now its maximum size is 4,588 UAH. The minimum is 882 UAH. People without previous work experience (young professionals) will be receiving 542 hryvnias. The law also provides for state support for young people who want to work in rural areas. If young professionals conclude employment contracts for a term not less than three years, they must be provided with housing and single cash allowance.

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