Last year, gas consumption in Transcarpathia dropped by 12%

During 2015, a significant reduction in consumption and distribution of natural gas was recorded in Transcarpathian region. In total, during the last year, consumers used more than 441 million cubic meters of natural gas which is almost 62 million cubic meters or 12% less than that in 2014.

The drop in natural gas consumption in the region has led to a reduction of blue fuel transportation by the "Zakarpathaz" PJSC, which in turn contributed to a shortfall in tariff revenues. As a result, the company is not fully complying with its obligations on payment for natural gas to the "Naftogaz Ukraine".



Due to the difficult economic situation in the country, the industrial sector in the region reduced gas consumption this year by 5.6 million cubic meters or 18.3% compared to 2014. Domestic consumers reduced gas usage by more than 56 million cubic meters or almost 19%. Other categories of clients of the "Zakarpathaz" PJSC also reduced the consumption of blue fuel, albeit by less amounts.

In the last five years, the consumption of natural gas in Transcarpathian region has dropped by almost 687 million cubic meters or 29.5%. The projected volume of gas distribution in 2016: it is expected to drop by more than 20 million cubic meters or 4.2%.

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