Last year at Chop Customs they detected violations for 64 million hryvnias

During the past year 8.3 million people and 3.8 million vehicles crossed Transcarpathian customs posts on the border between Ukraine and Romania, Slovakia and Hungary. Among them: 10,400 passenger railcars, 629,400 railroad freight cars, 2.7 million cars, nearly 23,000 buses, 443,000 trucks, 286 aircrafts. Chop customs units issued 99,910 customs declarations and processed 24.1 million tonnes of various cargoes.

In 2012, the staff of customs agencies executed 2805 reports for violations of customs regulations totaling in 64 million hryvnias. In 81% of cases the 44 mln. worth items of offenses were confiscated. Most violations were detected on the "entry" to Ukraine – 2308 cases for 54.6 mln. hryvnias, and at the "exit" – 497 cases for 9.7 mln hryvnias. In addition, in 2012 the Customs Chop instituted 16 criminal cases on smuggling totaling in 4.8 mln. hryvnias.

According to the experts of the service to combat smuggling and customs violations, a large number of offenses were detected at transportation across the customs border of Ukraine of food – 940 cases for 4.5 mln. hryvnias, industrial goods – 729 cases for 34.8 mln. hryvnias, vehicles – 206 cases for 24 mln. hryvnias, currencies – 15 cases for 321 thousand hryvnias, tobacco – 249 cases for 1.2 mln. hryvnias, home appliances – 77 cases for 994 thousand hryvnias, weapons, ammunition and special equipment – 47 cases, narcotic and psychotropic substances – 436 cases.

In 2012, customs officials sent for trial 2429 cases totaling in 62.5 mln. hryvnias. Court decisions on 2950 cases of customs rules violations in the amount of almost 94 million hryvnias have been received.

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