Large families gathered in Beregovo

January 12, in Beregovo, at the Institute of Ferenc Rakoczy a great holiday is held – families with many children, mostly from Uzhgorod, Mukachevo and Vynogradiv came here to celebrate the Day of the Family together for the first time. The event was organized by the Transcarpathian Hungarian Association of Large Families (KMNE), reported

Hundreds of participants from all over the region came to the holiday. There are separate programs for children and for adults. In particular, a series of lectures is conducted, the main topic is the marriage, its preservation, love, and peace in the family. They are read, among others, by guests from Hungary – Tomas Mohai from Hungarian Association of Large Families and the producer of "Kossuth Radio" Ilona Kerestesh.

Meanwhile, volunteers are working with the children. In particular, they conduct contests, theatrical performances, lessons in drawing, sculpture, beadwork and paperwork. The most popular among the youngest is body art.

Transcarpathian Hungarian Association of Large Families was founded in September 2012, the main task is to support families with children, as well as to attract public attention to social and demographic issues. 

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