Lack of proper conditions pushes people to “shade” or emigration

The situation for young people with higher education in the Ukrainian labor market has been described at the request of the «Lviv Newspaper» by a leading expert of Razumkov Center Rozenko.

We have huge difficulties in the labor market and not just for young people. Today, in fact, there is work for everyone, but conditions cannot be called civilized and acceptable for young people. The first job is characterized by very low wages, which, of course, young people are not satisfied with. Cheap labor actually pushes young people to the illegal labor market. And now at the state level nothing is done to actually solve the problem.

Significant changes can only be comprehensive, that is the legalization of the labor market and population’s self-employment. So that a young professional if failed to find a job, could start his or her business. But our business conditions are among the worst ones in the former Soviet Union: it is difficult both to start and finish it, high taxes, corruption and pressure on small and medium businesses by all control structures.

It is impossible to have a legal business in Ukraine now. Therefore, the vast majority of young people either works in shade or goes abroad. Ukraine is losing its potential, and, unfortunately, the government does nothing to help young people. I am very skeptical about such initiatives as the change in labor law, when people are provided benefits for the fact that they provide a first job.

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