Kyiv volunteers called for government officials and MPs to donate part of their declared assets for the army

An interesting information was posted on Facebook. Known Kyiv volunteers initiated the campaign "e-tithing", urging officials to donate part of their assets declared in electronic declarations for the army. This was reported by the "Novynarnia" referring to the initiators of the campaign.

On Thursday, November 10, at 10.00, volunteers of the Foundation "Come back alive" and the association "People’s homefront" together with the ATO veterans will publicly send letters to MPs, ministers and mayors with a request to donate part of their declared assets for the needs of the army.

As the initiator of the campaign Vitaliy Deynega said, "according to ancient Ukrainian tradition, it is accustomed to donate 10% of one’s income for a good cause."

"Meet the most odious e-declarants. Owners of thousand square meters of housing, millions in foreign currency, fleets and other toys. And these are our letter to them. Formal letters with a polite request to help the army.
The first letters will go to the leading parliamentary factions. But that is not all. We will write many MPs and officials regularly publishing reports and replies" – Deynega said.

"In particular, volunteers have prepared letters to the owners of record amount of declared properties – MPs Yaroslav and Bohdan Dubnevych, top collector and connoisseur of art – MP Nestor Shufrich, lovers of expensive watches Serhiy Taruta and Vitaliy Homutynnik. And also the Minister and wine collector Arsen Avakov and other top officials," – it said in the announcement.

All those people will be sent lengthy paper sheets with a request to help the army.
If it is contrary to their moral principles ("we are against war"), they can help wounded or children of the killed soldiers – rehabilitation, vacation in Sardinia, in Monaco or Nice" – Roman Sinitsin added.

We believe that this campaign should be supported in all regions of Ukraine, including Transcarpathia.

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