KVN birthday will be celebrated in Transcarpathia

In November KVN celebrates its birthday. In Transcarpathia this event will be celebrated in several stages: Special Project for the Day of KVN (November 5) and KVN school teams festival (November 7).
So, the first event is Special Project. The teams of Uzhgorod and Mukachevo, namely "Tyap-lyap" and "BezUmnaya Molodezh" respectively, will compete for title of the strongest and funniest team of the region. The event starts at 19.00 in "Phantom Club" on 5 November. 
KVN school teams festival will take place in PADIYUNI on November 7, beginning at 17.00
Details are in the posters. 
Follow the news on the Transcarpathian KVN at the official pages in facebook and BK, as well as on the official website of Transcarpathian KVN. 




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