Kipiani: “‘Who are the Bandera?’is the most requested text on the ‘Historical Truth'”

In Uzhgorod, known journalist Vakhtang Kipiani talks with Transcarpathian journalists. tells about the work of different media. teaches his colleagues to be efficient professionals.

But first, he tells about his brainchild. It is the "Historical Truth", which exists as a separate project based on one of the most popular resources in the country "Ukrainian Truth".

He tells about the history of the development of the journalistic project. In particular, what piece was the most popular and requested for all the years of the resource’s existence.

"We have many unique original articles, but the text ‘Who are the Bandera?’ created in 1940s for the promotion of the nationalist movement has become the most popular. It became particularly requested in 2014. Furthermore, most requests are in Russian. Today, this text has already been read by more than three hundred thousand people. And that number grows every week," – Vakhtang said.

He also tells colleagues about the Museum of Press and Periodicals and television project "Historical Truth" created by him.


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