Kindergartens are reopened in Uzhgorod

Today, August 5, middle and senior groups in kindergartens in Uzhgorod will reopen in a test mode, with observance of anti-epidemic measures. This is one of the issues considered yesterday at an unscheduled meeting of the commission on technogenic and ecological safety and emergencies at the Uzhgorod City Council. 
At the meeting, they heard reports of the chairman of the commission, Uzhgorod Mayor Bohdan Andriyiv, and the head of the Health Department Vasyl Reshetar. According to the decision of the State Commission on Technogenic and Ecological Safety and Emergencies of July 31, Uzhgorod is classified as "yellow" zone in terms of coronavirus incidence, and the requirements for it allow the operation of children’s preschool educational institutions. 
Mayor Bohdan Andriyiv ​​later told reporters that there would be no restrictions on the number of children in middle and senior groups. Preschoolers must have a certificate from a family doctor stating that they are healthy. 
The meeting of the commission also focused on the extension of other quarantine measures: mask wearing, requirements for transportation in city buses, holding mass events, visiting cinemas, banning outsiders from visiting social welfare institutions where elderly people, war and labor veterans, people with disabilities live or stay temporarily.  
This was reported by the Uzhgorod City Council.

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