Khust residents helped Transcarpathian soldiers from the 51st Mechanized Brigade

A considerable assistance for soldiers of the 51st Mechanized Brigade was provided by the religious community of monks of the St. Nicholas Monastery in the village of Nankovo, Khust district.

The Abbot of the monastery Archimandrite Adrian gave the soldiers 105 cans of food: canned tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, peppers, lettuce, zucchini, mushrooms, corned beef, meat pate, bacon and lard.

Entrepreneurs of the city Khust and Khust district, Transcarpathian region also helped Transcarpathians soldiers who are serving in the 51st Mechanized Brigade.

A resident of Khust district Igor Turok took the initiative to organize help for mobilized military personnel. Residents of the district collected about 40,000 UAH and bought 50 sets of warm winter clothes and shoes, 150 pairs of socks, wet wipes, dishes, 300 bottles of mineral water, 100 cans of coffee.

To help Transcarpathian soldiers, entrepreneurs of Khust district Olexa Hychka, Mykhailo Mandryk and Igor Turok purchased office equipment for the needs of the Transcarpathian Regional Military Commissariat at 15,000 UAH.

The command of the Transcarpathian Regional Military Commissariat would like to thank all those who reacted with understanding to the problems of our countrymen, soldiers of the 51st Mechanized Brigade and provided assistance for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

Media Group of the Transcarpathian Regional

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