Kharevych received 35 votes

The issue on the new deputy mayor Kharevych has been excluded from the list of those which will be voted in package.

Deputy Shchadey noted that it is unclear why such a small city needs six deputy mayors. Considering that the City Council has recently reduced eighty positions of doctors.

But half of the agenda items were approved in one fell swoop.

Explaining the urgency of voting on the appointment of the deputy mayor Kharevych, the mayor said that it should be done today because the State Treasury would not allocate the money under the signature of the Acting Deputy Mayor, the head of the financial department.

Interestingly, only three members voted to hear the background of the candidate for the deputy mayor.

35 deputies voted for the appointment of Petro Kharevych, 1 voted against, 16 – did not vote.

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