Keeping Carpathian buffaloes to be financed by Porsche Finance Group

Porsche Finance Group joined to the environmental initiative of the Regional organization "Conservation of agro-biodiversity of the Carpathian Mountains", aimed at restoring populations of the Carpathian buffaloes.

As a socially responsible company, Porsche Finance Group has offered assistance in saving this unique species. Beginning from 2012, the company will fund a herd of six heads, which in future will be increased first to 10, and in 2014 to 14 heads. Annually, a certain amount of money will be allocated to keep each buffalo. With the maturation of buffaloes, they will be given to the local population – farmers, who want to keep these unique animals, but do not have enough money to keep them.
Saving the Carpathian buffaloes is a unique environmental project, supporting which the Porsche Finance Group helps to preserve the diversity of life on Earth, as well as draws attention to the problem of extinction of rare species. Thus, the company demonstrates its commitment to environmental sustainability in accordance with the charitable mission of Porsche Finance Group, according to which the company provides assistance to individuals and organizations who really need it.
Carpathian buffaloes are the northernmost population in the world. They were brought from Asia many centuries ago, during which they have fully acclimatized to life in the Carpathians. Until the twentieth century hundreds of the unique animals were held in Transcarpathian villages, but nowadays the buffaloes population has rapidly declined. According to recent reports, now in Ukraine there are only 45 of them.
"Saving and sending all the diversity and wealth of this world to our children is the duty of every civilized man – says the manager of Porsche Finance Group, Josef Graf. – We believe that our efforts, aimed at maintaining and increasing the population of the Carpathian buffaloes, will serve as a good example for the local population and help revive the livestock of these animals".
"Milk of a domestic buffalo is much more useful than of a cow. It is distinguished by a high content of fat, protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, C and B group – says Olga Khomenko, one of the founders of the organization "Conservation of agro-biodiversity of the Carpathian Mountains". – Unfortunately, today, to keep buffalo females is not financially profitable, which may lead to the extinction of this species".
The organization "Conservation of agro-biodiversity of the Carpathian Mountains" is a local initiative to preserve endangered species, domestic and wild animals. With this purpose in Khust district of Transcarpathian region "Salvation Station" has been formed, which is engaged in breeding of the Carpathian buffaloes and other endangered species, as well as support and give advice to farmers who keep them in their farms.

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