Katerina Babkina will present the book about happy people in Uzhgorod (Announcement)

On April 11, at 18:00, in the Transcarpathian Regional Universal Scientific Library named after F.Potushnyak (Svoboda ave., 16), there will be a literary and discussion event and the presentation of a new collection of short stories by writer, screenwriter and playwright Katerina Babkina "Happy Naked People." The author will be accompanied by the president of the International Literature Corporation MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ Svyatoslav Pomerantsev.

The event will be held within the project "Network", organized by the International Literature Corporation MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ. The project is supported by the International Fund "Renaissance".

 "Happy Naked People" is a thematically united cycle of Katerina Babkina’s stories of happiness or, more precisely, what happens to us before it. Those are the stories of the generation of those Ukrainians, who still remember Soviet Union and the ruin after it, who grew up and got stronger not because of, but rather in spite of everything that has happened to them; how those people now live and interact with the world, in which there is war, love and emigration, Hanoi and New York, the dead and the living, blind and fools. And most importantly, how to be happy with all that.

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