Karpaty are the champion!

Today, May 5, Uzhgorod "Karpaty" became the champions of Ukraine for the second time. That day they defeated Kryvy Rih "Sparta" with the score 33:27, the karpatnews inform. Thus, they gained the required number of points to become the champion.

From the start of the game, the champions set the pace, leading 5 or even 10 goals ahead. The Kryvy Rih team could do nothing to withstand. Only at the end of the game "Sparta" could somewhat pull the champion’s nerves who played in the weakened line-up, but that did not prevent "Karpaty" from victory. "Karpaty" became two-time champions of Ukraine!

Turkalo and Tsybulenko scored most goals in our team – 6 goals each.

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