Joseph Shveik settled in Uzhgorod

Little sculpture of the famous Yaroslav Gashek’s character – brave soldier Joseph Shveik was installed on the rails of Kyiv Naberezhna in Uzhgorod.

As the author of the sculpture Mykhailo Kolodko told to correspondent of the history of this monument creation is special. The idea appeared when the sculptor found out that the holes on the rails of Uzhgorod quays are signs of the military bullets. He started to search for the known characters of the 1st and 2nd World Wars that somehow related to Uzhgorod.

It turned out that Uzhgorod is mentioned in the book of Yaroslav Hashek. It is in this city he was almost sent to the front – that is, completely in the opposite direction. ‘And we told this story to Pavlo Chuchka – said Mykhailo Kolodko. – And he insisted to make a sculpture to the day of the Ukrainian-Slovak friendship which will be celebrated in the coming weekend’. The brave Shveik settled in Uzhgorod due to this history.  

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