Job in the forest worth chasing

The state enterprise ‘Brusturyansky forest-hunting economy’ is one of the largest and most successful in the region. If we count the number of settlements located on the territory, which are the forestry subject, then the company probably will be the first as the most populous.

Recently the forestry has essentially ‘grown up’: a part of Bushtyno FE has been joined to it. So now the effective work at the enterprise not only affects the economic figures of the district and region, but specifically on the lives of thousands of people. Today this company is headed by the former head of the forestry and hunting regional department, Valeriy Murga. ‘Zamok’ went to Brusturyansky thicket, acquainted with the life of the foresters and spoke to Valery Ivanovych, about a successful management in forestry.

Determined to leadership

– Valery Ivanovych, what in general does your forestry look like?

– Now the structure of the forest-hunting economy comprises seven forestries. The total forest area of ​​‘Brusturyansky FHE’ is 39 777 hectares. In this area there is a unique plantation of pine. In addition, in the forestry there are several objects of natural reserve fund. Grunikivsky forestry contains a buffer zone adjacent to the Carpathian biosphere reserve with its area of ​​2126 hectares. The total area of ​​nature reserve is 2795 hectares, or 7% of the total area of the enterprise.

– Not so long ago, forestry experienced hard times, there were problems with the payment of salaries. How did you manage to get out of this situation?

– In 2009, after the flood, there it was absolutely difficult to sell pine, except for firewood. We addressed to the State Board of Forestry asking to provide any form of state support. But there was no possibility then. Now the forestry receives a small budget financing. So now I can say that since we provide one of the highest salaries in the system (the average wage in the company is 3000 UAH), my job as a director is to encourage people to work normally and clearly.

– But you had to pay the debt which the disbanded company has without any help from the state. And the money could be spent on other needs, such as the purchase of new equipment…
– We could, of course, do it through the state, but I don’t see a big problem here. We just had to postpone our plans for several months. The only help that we really would not mind is the construction of forest roads and purchase of logging equipment. This is indeed a serious problem that makes it complicated to do our job efficiently and to get access to resources. For example, there is a large area of dead wood in the mountains which urgently needs to be cut, but it is just impossible to get there now.

– By the way, what is the net profit of the enterprise?

– So far I can announce to you the financial results of 2011, half of which I worked as a director. This is the largest sum in the region – 2.3 million hryvnia. Now the company has 320 employees, and when there is seasonal work, the number of employees increases by 40-50 people. Mostly these are women who plant the forest.

What about reforestation?

– For today we have to plant more than 300 hectares of forest. Approximately half of this area is under natural regeneration, which we will control. And another half is actually the trees that we have to plant to help nature.

Where at home can we earn 8000?

– Valery Ivanovych, as far as I know, you have the desire to develop tourism. What are the ideas?

– This beautiful area has to produce effect not only on deforestation. First of all developed tourism and recreation are needed. It should benefit the village, district and region. All over the territory there are very interesting places, such as, for example, the Arpad’s line, or Legion’s Pass. There is also an interesting legend about Count Schonborn. Supposedly he once hunted here and shot a deer. But when he saw the sad eyes of a dying animal, he swore never to hunt deers, and as the memory of this he ordered to set a stone mark. A deer’s head and the Latin word ‘Hubertus’ are carved on it. There is a mountain called Tatarivka, indicating that Tatars passed through these mountains. So there is a lot to talk about and to show to tourists.

– By the way, your employees have a good example, in the Brusturyanskiy woods the Hero of Socialist Labor, world champion in deforestation Ivan Chusa worked. However, this can be found only on the plaque in Turbatskoe forestry. Do you plan to create a local museum to commemorate this remarkable man?

– We want to implement such a plan in the near future. He have what to begin with, because one of our rangers is a close relative of Ivan Chusa, and he already has some of the things that belonged to the eminent logger. Anyway, we have a very good team so I think everybody will help in this matter. When I headed the administration, every year we came to congratulate the hero on his birthday. Note that this was an outstanding and a very strong personality. Therefore, I believe that he deserves respect.

Saw as a ‘battle’ trophy
You have recently raised the question of the introduction of shift work method in the economy. What is it connected with?

– It’s not just an initiative – in April we will undertake this way of working. In each forest area, we have lounges where people can live, as well as utility rooms. Our goal is to create favorable conditions for people to feel comfortable: to wash, drink hot tea, eat. I think that all this will improve our efficiency. After all, today workers must wake up very early to get to the place of work, but it is a couple of hours of walking on a terrible road, and the same is on the way home in the evening. This is enough to get tired. And most importantly: the foresters and the team approve the idea.

I know that in the forestry you carry out domestic labor competition. Is this a kind of an original way of motivation?
– We have a rating of the best workers. Winners receive a very valuable and useful gift that will be used for work in their forestry. So gradually we provide the workers with all the necessary things. Others try not to lag behind. By the way, it took us just 6 months to provide the uniform for the whole forest security. In addition, the team that works in the forestry, supports me in everything. So we have harnessed and work. (Laughs – Ed.).

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