Jewelers are called up to courts

With the introduction of changes to the tax code in 2012, the participants of the jewelry market (including small shops, retail outlets and professionals) have lost their right to use a simplified tax system.

The deadline for the issue of licenses is on June 1, thus representatives of the jewelry market have lost hope that before this date Verkhovna Rada will manage to regain their right to a flat tax.

This problem should have been solved with the bill № 9661-d, which was planned to be adopted by the deputies at the second reading of the last plenary week, but because of the political processes and a lack of time they weren’t.

 The members of Jewelers’ Union believe that even if the bill is adopted at the next plenary week, on May 15-18, there won’t be enough time for it to come into effect until June 1.

Jeweler’s Union of Ukraine called on its members urging them to appeal to the courts the received waivers for licensing single tax payers, according to UBR. At least until a court decision on the cases of refusal to issue certificates to single tax payers is taken, the jewelry market participants who have filed claims will have the right to work within a simplified tax system, guided by the provisions of Art. 56 of the Tax Code of Ukraine ", – explained the Union of Jewelers.

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