Ivan Rizak said that the face of his dead son was smeared with false blood (VIDEO)

The former governor of Transcarpathia Ivan Rizak is sure that the official version of suicide is not true. He is convinced that his only son Oleksiy was killed, according to a story of TSN.

"We saw an artificial blood deposited on the face of our son. We have always said that our child did not fall from any floor neither alive nor dead. Suicide is a false version spread by instigators and perpetrators" – said Rizak.

The body of the 23-year-old boy was found Nov. 16 near one of Uzhgorod rises. The police suggested that Oleksiy took his own life.

The witness Vira Danatsko who was one of the first to see the body of Oleksiy Rizak, said that he was lying on the stairs of the house. Then he was moved so that the expert could examine him. She says that in their house – the highest in Uzhgorod – there have already been thirteen suicides.All are similar: young people jumped from the roof. However, the last case was questionable.

The victim’s father is convinced that from the first minute the investigation has been aimed at masking assassination under a guise a suicide.

"The crime has been disguised. Disguised by forensic experts, by medical service of the region, by certain police officers," – said Rizak.

The police opened a criminal case over the death of the former Transcarpathian governor’s son under the article – incitement to suicide. Following his father’s appeal the case was forwarded from the city investigator to the regional one.

"Specific instructions have been given and new versions have been put forward, including the murder and further staged suicide. These versions are being checked out, the investigator is conducting all necessary investigations, a number of examinations have been appointed," – said the officer in charge of pretrial investigation Illya Ilchuk.

Also, they do not rule out the re-examination of the body of the deceased. Ivan Rizak does not object against the exhumation of his son.


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