Ivan Baloh: “Sooner or later, police officers will have to answer for illegal actions”

 "People are killed. It’s scary that the government does such things. Why did that happen? Because the Party of Regions gave their leader unlimited rights, but no obligations. Now the relevant issue in the society is the return to the Constitution of 2004, where the balance of power was ensured. I support all the demands of the Maidan.

As for the rally in Uzhgorod.  There was the opposition of Transcarpathian Party of Regions, the administration and the police. I ask the law enforcement of the region to stop criminal prosecutions against participants of peaceful demonstrations. Sooner or later, you will have to answer for illegal actions. You need to hear the people, and only then there can be understanding. Citizens are ready to defend the democratic, independent country, determined to defend the European future of Ukraine – and I respect them for it," – Ivan Baloha said. 

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