Italians went to the play-off outplaying Ireland (VIDEO)

The Italian national team confidently outplayed Ireland with a score 2:0. The victory of Spain over Croatia in the parallel match allowed the Italians to go to the second place play-off.

It should be noted that Irish team actively started the first half and the first 15 minutes and possessed the initiative, but the Italians distracted the starting pressure of opponents and totally took the initiative in their hands.

Italians priority realized Antonio Kassano on 35-minute. After the submission of a corner, Kassano kick the ball with the head and got into Gevin, then into the crossbar and down behind a line of the net.  

The second half of the game the Irish team started more confidently, they even managed to reflect the pressure of Italians and even attack, but not always a meaningful game in the attack frustrated their efforts.

The brilliant moment to score lost Shein Log, he kicked the ball over the crossbar, Buffon reflected Andrew’s hit from the penalty area. A few episodes close to success had Keane and Duff.

The victory of Spain over Croatia in the parallel match allowed the Italians to go to the second place play-off. 


Italy – Ireland 2:0

Goals: Kassano 35, Balotelli 90

Italy: Buffon, Kielinni (Bonuchi 57), Motta, Balcaretti, Abate, Markizio, Kassano (Diamanti 63), Di Natale (Balotelli 74), Bardzali, de Rossi, Pirlo

Ireland: Given, Sent-Ledger, Ward, O’Shy, Dunne, Wilan, Makgidi (Long 65), Endrius, Doyle (Walters 76), Keane (Cox 86), Duff

Warning: Balcaretti 28, de Rossi 71, Buffon 73 – Andrews 37, O’Shy 39, Sent-Ledger 84

Removal: Andrews 89.


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