Italian “Frankenstorm” flooded Venice (VIDEO)

In Italy, due to storms in the Mediterranean, one of the most popular tourist cities – Venice has been flooded. The peak of the flood occurred on Halloween – the sea level has risen by almost one and a half meter. Local media nicknamed the disaster, that also flooded many other coastal cities, "the Italian Frankenstorm."

Autumn storms in the Mediterranean caused the disaster in Italy, where after prolonged rains and rise of the sea level many coastal cities were submerged. Local media have dubbed the disaster "the Italian Frankenstorm" by analogy with American Sandy that flooded New York.

In particular, one of the most popular tourist cities – Venice has been flooded. Currently one can only enjoy the beauty of architecture in high rubber boots – in some parts of the city the water level is couple dozens of centimeters high.

The peak of the flood, as meteorologists claim, occured on Halloween – the sea level rose by almost half a meter. Today during the day, as expected, the water will remain at around 110 centimeters above normal, according to IGN.


According to experts, rise of the sea level by 105 centimeters leads to flooding of only 8% of the area of ​​Venice, while the thickness of the water layer is less than 25 centimeters in the lower part of town. But the influx of about 140 centimeters is much more noticeable: water covers 58% of the territory, with the famous Piazza San Marco sinking by 60 centimeters.

Actually, those 140 cm were achieved last night. Around 2:00 local time, the sea level was recorded at 143 centimeters above normal. Fortunately, the records of 2010 have not been exceeded.



Meteorologists blame the weather in Venice on Mediterranean breeze.         


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