It will be possible to work off the fine in Hungary

This Sunday a new law will come into force. A concept of public works in Hugary will appear in it. The law was approved primarily for the sake of those who are unable to pay the fine for public order violation. The peculiarity of the Hungarian justice is that the ‘offender’ has the right to choose: paying a fine or working off the breach for the benefit of nation.

The Government has established the following regularities: five thousand forints fine (nearly 150 hryvnia) corresponds to 6 hours of public service. However, if the offender does not agree to work his fine off within 30 days he will be deprived of freedom for one day. Also they raised the traffic rules fines. Some of these fines are fixed, for example, for crossing the road solid line. This will cost an owner of the car 450 hryvnia in cash which they have to pay off on the spot. However, if it isn’t paid on the spot the price of such a ‘pleasure’ is going to cost significantly more and eventually the fine prolongation payment will continually increase. In general the amount of penalties has increased on average by 60%.

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