It’s been a long time since Uzhgorod seen such snow-banks (PHOTO-REPORT)

In recent days, there has been a lot of snow in Transcarpathia. Traditionally, it became a professional fitness test for the relevant utilities of our city.

Although snow removal works in Uzhgorod have been going around the clock, especially if you believe the reports from the press service of the Uzhgorod City Council, the situation on the roads, sidewalks and squares of the city is far from normal.

It is notable that, for example, in the pedestrian zones, snow is usually not removed, but piled up in the middle of the streets. As a result, on Korzo we can see such snow-banks – some of them reach the height of an adult person.


However, the results are short-lived, and a few hours later a thick layer of snow appears on the street again.


Meanwhile, at about ten o’clock, there is a lively traffic of motor vehicles in the pedestrian zone. But, unfortunately, those are not the ones that remove the snow. Just businessmen once again forgot that goods should be delivered to the shops and bars need before 8 o’clock, and not at the height of the working day. Or maybe they did not forgot, but just were too lazy to get up early?


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