It is planned to create 4,000 new jobs in Transcarpathia

To create favorable conditions for business development in our region, the Program of the development of small and medium enterprises in the region in 2017 – 2018 was approved during the third plenary meeting of the fifth session of the Regional Council. The RSA was instructed to make provisions for the funds for the implementation of this program when drafting the regional budget and to ensure the organization and coordination of activities for its implementation.

The aim of the Program is to create favorable conditions for small and medium businesses, to increase economic performance of the region, to develop priority sectors of the economy, to ensure employment of various social and gender groups by encouraging businesses to develop their activities to promote socio-economic development of areas, where the standard of living is low and the unemployment rate is high; to have local authorities, local governments, small businesses, associations of entrepreneurs solve actual problems hampering the development of small and medium enterprises; to ensure financial and investment support for small and medium businesses.

The financing of the measures envisaged by the Program will be carried out at the expense of the regional budget within the available resources of the regional budget. The total amount of financial resources needed to implement the program is UAH 4585 thousand. Including, funds from the regional budget: 2017 – UAH 2110.0 thousand; 2018 – UAH 2475.0 thousand.

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