It is easier to walk to Mukachevo than to repair Mukachivska street?

Repair of Mukachivska street in Uzhgorod, which was supposed to be started in spring, in July, on August 6, and today, on August 13 according to the latest promises, is still in delay. Although the repair should have end up till August 15. Last time officials from the City Council explained that necessary project documentation had to be adjusted. Few days ago, the Acting Head of Uzhgorod City Council, Ivan Zelinskyy said that all the necessary documents are about to be ready, but in order to start they are still awaiting for an answer from City Council contractor regarding the readiness to start the repairs. Therefore, Mukachevska street will probably be blocked on Monday this week. However, today, on August 13, the street is still open for transport. Considering the weather forecasts which promised rainy days, the repair is unlikely to be started in the nearest future.

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