It is becoming difficult to breathe: the level of pollution in Uzhgorod has increased

During November 2020, the Laboratory of Atmospheric Air Pollution Observation of the Transcarpathian CHM selected and analyzed 836 samples of atmospheric air of Uzhgorod  at two stationary observation posts.
This was announced by the head of the Laboratory M. Fedorishko. 
Comparison of the average monthly concentration of pollutants with the maximum allowable average daily concentration showed an increased level of contamination with formaldehyde (1.45 average daily MPC) and nitrogen dioxide (1.22 average daily MPC). 
Compared to October, in November the concentrations of all pollutants in the city’s air increased. 
Compared to November 2019, there is an increase in the average monthly concentration of nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, dust in the air of the city; the content of soluble sulfates remained at the same level; concentrations of other pollutants decreased. 
Exceeding the one-time maximum allowable concentration of pollutants in the city’s air was not detected. 


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