It happened! Famous traditional “palinka” will finally be officially manufactured in Transcarpathia (+ PHOTOS)

"First Transcarpathian Palencharnya" has opened!

Finally: 27 years later, the production of traditional Carpathian palinka was launched on the territory of Transcarpathia. This news was shared by the main person in Transcarpathian tourism and Transcarpathian gastronomy Fedir Shandor.

He says: fruit distillates for Transcarpathian region is part of the cultural tradition. The idea to legalize this tradition and produce a high-quality fruit distillate was conceived by the member of the Board of the Association of Wineries of Transcarpathia Victor Feyer.

By the way, in European countries, it is a traditional area in the production of beverages, so the equipment manufacturers offer a wide range of different options. Transcarpathian producers chose the equipment by the Czech manufacturer KOVODĚL Janča which is one of the best producers in the European market.

The main distiller of the production was trained at the Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra, where he received a certificate allowing him to produce distillates and train staff on the ground. Also an agreement with the "Embassy of Palinka-Makers of Hungary" ("Magyar Pálinka Nagykővetség") was concluded. They tested the production and conducted training of the enterprise personnel on all stages of the distillate production.

They plan to produce eight types of distillates: plum, apple, cherry, pear, quince, apricot, grape and fruit (blend of different types).

Also, preliminary agreements have been concluded with farmers and owners of gardens in the region. Who, in turn, will benefit from having a processing enterprise in the region, which will regularly buy their products.



Transcarpathian distillates will be released under the trade name "Palinochka".

History has shown that high-quality traditional Transcarpathian palinka is popular not only among the residents and tourists of Transcarpathia, but also among consumers throughout Ukraine!


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