Istvan Tsap: “I am sure some interesting processes will begin in the city”

In a brief commentary after pronouncing the decision of Uzhgorod City and District Court, when the judge Oleg Prydachuk imposed on Istvan Tsap night house arrest, Tsap said the following.

Yes, the indictment states that the said bribe was to be handed over to a law enforcement officer. "It is unclear what they wanted to say. And the whole case is based on such "facts"."

Mr. Istvan Tsap also said that he did not know who would be performing his duties. But he is sure that "some interesting process will begin."

And once again he stressed on the lack of evidence of his involvement in this corruption case.

Recall that the court imposed on the chairman of the land commission of Uzhgorod City Council Stanislav Ponomarev detention with bail of 96,000 UAH, which is already paid and the said defendant was released.

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