Is Uzhgorod Petofi square deadly? (PHOTOS)

Pretty big chunks of plaster fall from the house on one of the main pedestrian squares of the city.

This was recorded and published in the group "Uzhgorod" on facebook by an Uzhgorod resident Ferenc.

He says: "In the central part of the city. people are in mortal danger! On Petofi Square, debris the size of a brick fall from houses. Such stone can cause fatal injuries or cripple you or your children at best. Nobody knows who will be responsible for this, perhaps, they will find scape goats among home owners. Although the Mayor Pogorelov promised to restore the square for pedestrians, with time it is becoming even more dangerous. And the city center looks worse than after both World Wars."


By the way, after a few comments from Uzhgorod and the media in particular, and our publication , in the same city government began to discuss the mechanism out of the situation. However, currently no znaysh anything better than liabilities "Solve owners to repair historic facades own expense .

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