Is Transcarpathia the lucky region with the only honest sanitary doctor?

A few hours ago, the Chief Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine Svyatoslav Protas and the head of the Department of Sanitary Service of Ukraine Chepurny were detained. This was announed on his page on Facebook by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arseniy Avakov. In addition, he said, throughout the country, searches are being conducted, 19 chief medical officers of regions are being questioned, some of them will also be detained.

The reason for this large-scale inspection is the suspicion that a group of officials led by Protas has developed and implemented a criminal scheme for stealing a large sum of public funds. The participants of the fraud were detained while cashing and receiving the first tranche of the stolen funds (400,000 UAH).

"Protas was arrested in his office, as the organizer of the embezzlement. He acted cynically – conspired with regional medicals officers about how and under what rules the budget money would be stolen and laundered. All of them agreed to participate in the scam.. and only one (!) said – No, – the statement reads. – But, what is important, there was that one of 20 who said NO. This is for optimists.

1 of 20… Or is it for hard skeptics? Who are you, those 19? Respected in the society, gray-haired and intelligent?..But you could not say NO to the scam – it’s easier to obey the authorities and make some money at that. The atmosphere in the bureaucratic community is changing slowly, such is the dialectic of transformation – it takes reform, people, actions and the will to change."

The local, Transcarpathian police neither confirmed nor denied the fact of searches in Transcarpathia, because those activities, if any, are being carried out by Kyiv colleagues.

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