Is there future for Ukrainian books: three meetings under the literary sun of Transcarpathia

I was led to these reflections by a request of the colleague from the capital to prepare the story on the topic: "Is there future for Ukrainian books?" Unfortunately, bookstores do not present the entire iridescence of Transcarpathian literary life. Therefore, I will allow myself to build my thoughts on the basis of three meetings held in a couple of hours, without prior agreement on the streets of "a" regional center…


The fruits of her imagination nurtured several generations of Ukrainian children. A special author peculiarity of Galina Malyk, as for me, is that she does not only amuse her readers. By choosing the most grateful and the most demanding audience – children – Galina Nikolaevna seeks to bring for it not only a fairytale. In the best tradition of the wise people – she keeps encouraging a reader: one should think, love, work … Sincere love of a little reader suggests: she makes it all interesting and exciting, without turning the tale into a boring sermon.

 – In recent years, Ukrainian book publishing industry has been in decline. I mean, first of all, reducing of the publishing representation and its production. I have recently returned from Lviv Book Forum, there was presented a third part of publishers and their products compared to the previous year. I think the main reason is economic. I saw mothers hesitating whether to buy a book or not. And I am not talking about expensive books… Therefore, I returned from this event in rather a pessimistic mood… Is there the future for a Ukrainian book? It must be! After all, classical literature does not give advice on new challenges, which did not exist in the old days. Another thing is that we now have an obvious bias: they speak about and advertise the works which are far from being best, but those who have reached and "crossed" our favorite "European" level, very often end up being "outside" the reader’s attention. This is the result of the lack of a well-planned public position in publishing. For two decades the state has failed to develop and implement an appropriate program, and I think in the near future it will not be able to succeed either.


He always exudes optimism. Even in the moments of reverie or sadness Mikhail Roshko is ready to shock, amaze, provoke. Although these words belong to the same conceptual row, to convey the pleasure of communicating with a wit-writer in just one word is not enough. A favorite of Transcarpathian students,  an impressive "party beast" Mikhail Mikhailovych is fluent in mastery of word- and thought-weaving, and what is more – he has a great feel in any situation on the market.

 – Is there the future for Ukrainian books? No doubts, there is! Each nation went through some literary splash. After removing all the veils, we have a unique opportunity to complement the European and world experience with our mental perception of the world and with our own experience. And the success of our literary countrymen is the evidence of this. That is why I feel such a perspective, if you want, even on an intuitive level. And do not be afraid of "electronic" competition. Well, the invention of printing horrified people, predicting that technology would deprive the book of "handwritten" spirituality. But it did not happen! E-book is also a text, it is just presented in a different way. Therefore, writers will not be left without a job! That’s for sure!

Young and early! One, perhaps the youngest, member of the Writers’ Union Irina Nadvornaya with the first printed words convinces all the mastodons: the future of Transcarpathian literature has grown up next to them. Philosophical poetry, reverent attitude to the word and thought, gently insistent defense of her own opinions, apparently, the analysis of this remarkable person in literature is to come. But the respect, with which Irina is discussed by recognized in literature circles people, makes us treat her thoughts with special attention.

– In my opinion, the main problems of Ukrainian books are the following three. Firstly. I did not live in the Soviet era, but the stories of my colleagues suggest that the system of book publishing and book distribution at the time used to work properly. I do not know exactly how, but this machine operated and functioned effectively. Secondly. We often hear that there are no Nobel Prize winners among Ukrainian writers. But they don’t even have a chance. At present, the works of Ukrainian authors are not translated, at least, I haven’t heard of the existence of the translation school, or this cooperation has not been established. However, the same is the following, which is a third reason. There are no special literary critics. I know that at Lviv University, allegedly there is a faculty, but what it’s doing now is not known… Can one make a living as a writer in Ukraine? I do not think so, one has to actively "self-promote" himself, but then inevitably he will lose time for writing…

Transcarpathian writers, as well as all their Ukrainian colleagues, or at least – most of them, bravely overcome any obstacles. The absurdity of Ukrainian officials, a reader’s electronic "modernizing" and what not. They go to the people, promoting their own art, and learn the subtleties of modern book management, enjoy bouts of a real talent, for they strongly believe:  Ukrainian book has the future. It can’t be otherwise: after all, both glorious past and struggling present, despite the economic tricks, global experiments and public indifference, must go on, mustn’t they?

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